A Foot

In The Door

Feat. Tiffany Kumar

Over Reality? Just Embrace a Virtual One!

Being stuck at home got nowhere to roam? Well never fear when video games are here! We’ve all been hearing the reminder to stay home during this Pandemic and as much as it is a huge adjustment for many, the gamers have never been more prepared. As more and more people and countries move to…

The Dawn of Autumn

Falling out of bed to hush my aggressive reverberating alarm. I stop to gather myself, slowly as the shutter of my eyes flicker to produce the silhouette of my hand. The dim blues just enough to define the fuzzy edges of my room, as the horizon begins to gleam amber. I make my way to…

The Power To Freeze Time In Your Pocket

When do you ever take the time to stop and consider the power of your mobile phone? Regardless of whether you have a good ol Iphone 4 or a brand new pixel 4. If you have a camera on your phone and any sort of editing app, you’d be surprised what you can do. These…